‘Dear Olga’


Dear Olga or Ask Olga as many like to call it is an advice column that fits every curvy girls need. It started when Olga was getting over 50 emails from Daily Venus Diva readers. She has found a way to share her story, joys and let downs in her life and in this industry. She is known by many as the heart and soul of the magazine. She gives detail feedback to each and every letter.

Start reading..learn, cry, laugh and most important enjoy..

Recent ‘Dear Olga’ columns http://dailyvenusdiva.com/category/blogs/dear-olga

Got that question…for Olga click here to reach her http://dailyvenusdiva.com/about/ask-olga

‘Dear Olga’ is also being celebrated in the #1 UK plus size lifestyle publication, ‘Just As Beautiful’ magazine. Every ‘Dear Olga’ being used is a different letter so you will never get to read the same thing twice providing her readers/fans with top advice fresh from the heart.



  1. shelbylilli08 says:

    Hi Olga, I just read your article on Latina magazine, Feb 2012, and wow!! where have you been all my life? I am from Puerto Rico and I’m a size 20 and I was just thinking, I’m gonna write a book, “How to lose no weight and be happy”. Thank you for giving me that push I needed to feel good about myself without being a stick, I just wish I had one less chin. : ) Que viva las curvas! Oh, I’m a Jersey (Joisi) girl too! Bendiciones y Paz…

    • olgaplusmodel says:

      Thank you so much…and guess what I would love to help you write this book!!


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