Yes.. you can add ‘Movie Critic’ to my long resume…


Not sure how I am up so early..I went to bed at 3:00 am, talking with my agent & publicist that lives in L.A. makes me forget the time difference. It could be the excitement of seeing a special screening of the new Disney movie, ‘ Mars needs Moms ‘.

A client of mine I write for out of Miami called me on Thursday night asking me if I wanted to do this movie review. I got VIP tickets to this special screening in NYC!! Of course I am going, this is a red carpet event and if this wasn’t the cream on my sunday I also got the invite to the gala party after the movie at the famous NYC restaurant Mars 2112.

I guess the most important part of all this to me is that I get to do the mommy & me thing with my daughter. I am bringing my 6 year old Raquel and we went shopping for our outfits and even went to the Salon to get all dolled up.

I love my job and the perks it provides. I am off to event at noon and I will be blogging on it live..

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