Olga Channel/TV

 Olga has decided to join the hottest and most popular Latino online entertainment outlet for Latinos at www.URBANOTV.com. She has her own channel and along side Daily Venus Diva Magazine she will do a live video show of her ‘Dear Olga’ column and answer letters live with face to face interaction.


David A. Chitel – NGLC, Founder & Chairman

 She was invited to join this project by Founder & Chairman David Chitel of NGLC and also business partner of John Leguizamo himself. Olga has reached a high level of respect from her Latino community and huge fan base. She feels she must do her part as a Latina and URBANOTV is that perfect outlet!


UrbanoTV is the online entertainment outlet that Latinos (and people who love us) have long been waiting for.  Think YouTube meets Hulu meets BlogSpot meets Flikr, add some cilantro and a dash of adobo and that’s us!

Along with our founder, actor/comedian John Leguizamo, we’re proud to offer three types of video content including:

  – UrbanoTV Original Shows

  – Premium User Shows

  – Professionally Produced Shows

UrbanoTV also offers picture galleries, blogs, contests and even vCards that can be customized and shared with friends.  

For more information, please contact us at info@UrbanoTV.com.


Images belong to John Leguizamo

A New Latino Video & Entertainment Company From Actor John Leguizamo 

New York, NY (November 23, 2010) UrbanoTV, a new Latino video and entertainment company from actor, John Leguizamo, announced its launch plans today.  Described as a Latino YouTube meets Hulu platform, UrbanoTV aims to be the leading curator of culturally relevant video content for U.S. Hispanics.  At launch time, the site already touts 15 original shows, 150 original episodes, 100 content partners and 1,000 aggregated episodic videos.  UrbanoTV also features top Latino bloggers, picture galleries and interactive vCards that can be shared socially.  Like YouTube, the site is free and open to both content producers and people who just want to come enjoy the experience.


“Simply put, if J.Lo and Mark Zuckerberg had cyber sex, UrbanoTV would be the love child.  All kidding aside, I’m really excited to see where we can take this company given how many Latinos are online today with nothing like UrbanoTV available until now,” said partner and spokesperson John Leguizamo.


UrbanoTV will feature content in both English and Spanish and will be open to all categories and content sources.  The most popular advertiser-friendly content will have the best chance of being featured.  The site’s STARS program even aims at directly connecting advertisers with rising Latino talent with significant social media followings who want to create branded content. 


Many of UrbanoTV’s channel partners at launch time are already Internet stars in the making.  Website LatinHeat.com has built a channel for their show Let’s Talk, a Latina web series similar to the popular TV show The View.  Sketch comedy groups A Pair of Nuts and Dominizuelan, both of whom have developed strong followings on the live comedy show circuit, also have UrbanoTV channels that are already gaining in popularity.  UrbanoTV’s blog section boasts many established Latino bloggers such as Mami of Multiples, Vivir Latino (Living Latino) and First Class Fashionista to name just a few of the 50 that have already signed up.


Given the dearth of traditional Spanish-language TV content for less acculturated U.S. Hispanics, UrbanoTV’s goal is to offer the more digitally savvy bilingual and bicultural Latino audience a welcome alternative.  With 18MM (or about 75%) of U.S. Hispanics online being bilingual and English-dominant, UrbanoTV is seeking to touch this growing majority segment that has been largely untapped and un-aggregated to date.

(Media content belongs to www.urbanotv.com )

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