Plus Size Styling Tips For Summer Fashion Staple

Lyst notes, Summer: a season of backyard barbecues, poolside parties, and baring a whole lot of skin by way of denim cut-offs, crop tops, and flirty sundresses. But, for those of us on the curvier side, certain fashion trends can be a tad trickier to style. It’s not because we’re intimidated or afraid to show […]

Viviana Alvarez…Top Latina Fashionista in Miami

    Social media is everything! We get to express ourselves, show-off fashion trends and my favorite sharing ‘Selfies’ with the world. The biggest No-No is wearing something twice and taking a picture in it. I can relate to this with my life as a working Plus Size Model, Actress, Published Journalist, Latina Blogger and […]

Accept & validate your Self-Worth…

During one of my latest business trips I was placed in the strangest situation ever. I cannot go into details because there are people who I respect that were involved & that I work with. But I will say that saying ‘NO’ means just that..NO! I can discuss my part in this situation. I work […]

Full, Fit & Fabulous a MUST attend conference!

Curvaciously Yours was asked to cover this event and we gladly accepted. I have been a big fan of Rochelle Rice for years and enjoy seeing her do what she loves best, sharing her ‘Movement’ theories with her followers. The event catered to a full-house and it was pleasing to see both full-figured women and […]

Gift from the heart..

Anyone can shop online or hit their favorite stores and it is okay to buy momentos for those we love. Truth be told these gifts get their wear & tear but actions speak louder than material gifts. A gift from the heart, meaning more of an action than something with a price tag is the […]