Covid Room 212 and KrowsRealm

Covid is Real, folks. It is still a mystery to me, how I got contaminated. I went food shopping with my gloves & mask but I still got it. It was a Sunday afternoon, by midnight my head felt congested I felt nausea & my body hurt. Now, I do not mean the normal strong Flu like pain. Every bone in my body hurt, they felt broken all at the same time. Please, comprehend I am no Coward to pain. I have had a knee transplant & three very tough C-sections, etc.

I could not move, or walk & the fevers were 103/Plus for 9 days. I still have several blisters & ulcers in my mouth, tongue and throat. Too add that I am a type 2 Diabetic for over 15 years & a pneumonia carrier. I would throw myself on the floor & crawl to the bathroom. Covid, comes with many and all symptoms. I could not stop throwing up, even water. The acid in my stomach started burning my throat, causing those painful ulcers. But, I was also very weak and although I was not able to eat my sugar reading was 450. Raul, kept suggesting I should just rest and sleep it off. But, I knew I was dying. Not trying to sound dramatic but I felt my organs giving up. We get the call on Saturday, we both have it.

On Monday, I knew something was very wrong with me & on Monday, Raul tells me he is achy & feverish. Now, panic has set in. We both stayed away from our kids & went to the Emergency room in West Boca Medical. They walked us in thru a private Covid section and we waited to be tested. I knew in my gut, we had it. In 23 years I had never seen Raul so weak, sick and in pain. They tested us & told us in three days we would get a phone call if we had it. We were instructed to self quarantine for 14 days without any meds.

Now a full weak has gone by & we are feeling worse and now our kids also have it. I am a hands on Mom and for the first time, I couldn’t help them. No one was eating, cooking, working, etc. Life just stopped. I return to the hospital after a full week of no nutrition.

When I got to the hospital I was so dehydrated they couldn’t even get blood from me or put the iv in my veins. Raul, also needed the hospital but he needed to be their for our kids.

I stayed another 7 days there. My Family couldn’t see me & they were all with Covid at home.

Roman (20) had it bad, he couldn’t start his new job & was in his bed sick also fighting to make it another day, watching over his younger sister Raquel (15) and both taking care of their, Father. My oldest son, Anthony (27) did not get it, Amen. But Devin (24) my middle son got it from us, and he doesn’t even live with us. Now,he is a single daddy & had to make sure Alaina (5) did not get contaminated. He kept her safe in her room, while he dealt with having this, Covid. Anthony, moved out to our garden shack & is still staying there as we all heal. He was the only one physically working and providing an income for a big family. So grateful to him.

In all this madness my son Roman and I kept more in contact. Everyone else was so bad. Roman, focused on his gaming. He just spend his entire stimulus check & tax refund on his gaming pc, cameras, mic, etc. He would sit there with a high fever, aches, etc and put up a smile and Game. We live in Florida its August record breaking heat but you can see him wearing sweaters and jackets in his bedroom, anything to feel warmth. Raquel slept most of it off and we have Officially ate chicken stew for 17 days & counting. Its an old Colombian home remedy soup.

Meanwhile, I officially have Pneumonia, I cannot breathe on my own and the Covid was attacking my Diabetes. Plasma although not approved and is Experimental was my only chance. So with shaky hands I signed the papers. Days, nights and nurses Shana, Bethany, Angie, Esther, Cindy, and Maria were my Angels. I had 4 different Specialists and I focused on my sick Family. I prayed and prayed. I rather say, I spoke to God, all day.

I could see my son through His webpage, streaming and it gave me strength. I love video games so my kids get that from me. It kept them safe home, back in Jersey City, NJ. As long as they were active Nerds with Honors they could game.

Covid, has made the online World our only way to heal, communicate and not lose our Sanity as the World remains in full quarantine. allowed for me to see my boy live, streaming and I could even chat while he played. In all the Covid madness he lost track of time and was suppose to get 50 Followers to be taken serious as a streamer. He tells me this while I lay on my bed on the second floor, Covid section in room, 212. So I am a published Journalist and Celebrity Latina blogger. I decided to use my 7,855 IG pals and my 3,422 FB friends and shared our story and how he just needed 50 followers to enjoy his streaming. Well, the support came thru.

KrowsRealm is everything to my son. He started gaming at 3 years old & we couldn’t believe that still a toddler he was SO good at it. We have a Family nickname for him, #Player. He gained his gamer fame as Hitman, but I guess when he started College for Computer Engineering to create video game content, we knew it was his, Life. So he Evolved to #KrowsRealm and that is his brand. He really is Brilliant, a selfmade Chef, an amazing son, crazy sense of Humor and loves to learn daily and wants to mentor others. He is the Best brother his Siblings could ever ask for and the Perfect Uncle to #LaniBear. She cannot read or write too much she is only 5 but her daddy made a #Twitch account and she watches him stream daily and puts sweet hearts to let him know she supports him. If you go on his page you can see her showing him,, Love. He could sure use his own car. But, he still invested over $2,000 in his streaming stuff. I respect that.

This new #Twitch movement is an outstanding portal to live, streaming. Not only for video games. But, just to sit for a spell and just talk. There are cooking shows, Fashion, Sports, etc. Endless streaming shows that we can not only watch but be a part of. Its a good feeling of, Exclusively. I am thinking of starting my own!

Its very healing and therapeutic for people that live, alone. Now with Covid fear, many have not left their homes in months. Actually close to 35.7 million Americans live alone. To think they can now stream and find a connection & not fall into depression, etc., is a true, Blessing. The feeling of loneliness gone cause they are now communicating safely from their favorite comfty couch.

As a grateful parent. I can appreciate outlets like and

And I am Officially home, slowly healing. We all still have this Covid and it will leave us all individually whenever the heck it feels like.

Now, we are on the road to a healthier 2020 and we can Officially claim that, we Beat the Covid. We grew as a Family and I really hope everyone reading this remains Healthy and Covid free. But if it comes your way, Fight. Because it can be beat.

Thank you all for your Love, support and Prayers. Please keep them coming.

And to all supporting my son’s Dreams. Many follow him, many didn’t know how to download the app, etc. But you still messaged him and show him Love.

It takes a Village to raise a child. Thank you for being a part of our Villiage.


  1. majorrollo says:

    great blog thanks for sharing your experience. We all need to know that this pandemic is serious. I pray that you and your family stay healthy and recover quickly so we can keep reading your blogs and seeing your son stream.

  2. nicole heinen says:

    So glad you guys and happy healthy and safe❤🖖

  3. missameslouise says:

    Wow.. what can I say? Sat and had a cry while reading this! The things you and your family have gone through with Covid… I am so sorry! I send my love and prayers to you all! I’m glad you’re home and hopefully are feeling a lot better now!

    After reading this I can see you are an amazing woman.. a strong fighter.. a loving mother.. a devoted partner.. a caring aunt! Keep pushing through this Covid nightmare!!!

    You should be so proud of yourself for all you have achieved! Your children and family will be very proud of you too! x

    • olgaplusmodel says:

      It has definitely been a journey. I pray for the World now more than ever, Covid is a hard reality and thank you for your words and love. You are helping us Heal.

  4. As usual your writing came to life like a movie playing on my eyelids. You continue to be a mentor and motivating force in my life. I’m proud of Roman for following his dreams he is an inspiration to young men everywhere! May you and your family continue to heal and prosper!

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