PurErb-Bulgarian Rose Skin Toner..Top Product


As a busy blogger, I often get plenty of offers to review products and merchandise. My skin behaves most of the time but lately with the Florida Sun becoming my new ‘Bestie’, things can change.

Since March 2, of this year to the present day; I have been living in Florida on and off. I love Nature and enjoy the Beach and pool time that Miami has to offer. I miss my New Jersey home but the cold weather was beyond terrifying this Season.

When I return home I find this new amazing & all natural product waiting on my desk.  I had only four days to relax at home before heading back to Florida. I noticed some dry patches on my face and that was a first in 44 years. I grab the bottle of soothing skin toner and gently spray. The scent alone, of Bulgarian Rose is heavenly. I love my Roses and as a Gardener I know my stuff. This was top notch and the minute I sprayed my face & neck area, I felt it working. I spray it on before applying make-up and after a shower. My events are sometimes outside so I may spray often if I am under the Sun. It works wonders as an anti-aging skin product too!

I am so grateful I found this product. It is the only thing I use on my face now besides Soap and water. I have caught my daughter using it too, she loves it. Here is some info. Read it and enjoy and treat yourself to the very best in skin care products.

The new Bulgarian Rose Soothing Toner by PurErb™ features the world’s most expensive essential oil–authentic Bulgarian Rose–along with over 20 exotic and sophisticated botanical extracts, including Edelweiss plant stem cells, Cat’s Ear and Knotweed. It makes a very sophisticated gift for any woman who deserves more than a bouquet of roses.

PurErb™ is a new herbology-based skincare and aromatherapy brand that incorporates over 100 antioxidant- and vitamin-rich oils, butters, and botanical extracts carefully selected from remote locations around the world.

The Future’s All Roses:

PurErb™ Bulgarian Rose Soothing Toner is a Hydrating, Nourishing Toner with Blissful Rose Aroma That Helps Calm the Mind and Emotions

“Bulgarian Rose Soothing Toner exceeds all other Rose Toners because it combines novel anti-aging ingredients including Edelweiss plant stem cells, making it complex and sophisticated, and more than a floral mist,” says Janel Luu, CEO of PurErb™, a new herbology-based skincare and aromatherapy brand that incorporates over 100 antioxidant- and vitamin-rich oils, butters, and botanical extracts carefully selected from remote locations around the world. “Every Mom would love this as a gift that she can spritz on daily to hydrate and nourish dry or sensitive skin, refresh the face, and also calm nerves, reduce stress and anxiety.”

Bulgarian Rose Soothing Toner blends other uncommon ingredients such as Edelweiss stem cells, Cat’s Ear and Knotweed extracts, which provide excellent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging benefits. Knotweed contains resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant that protects against environmental stress; Edelweiss has natural moisture-attracting and moisture-retaining properties; Sandalwood improves skin tone and reduces the appearance of skin imperfections; and plant-derived Tripeptide-29, which increases fibroblast activity and collagen synthesis, minimizing the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

This soothing mist features authentic Bulgarian Rose essential oil and Sandalwood oil, known for easing tension, calming negative emotions, and alleviating anxiety, while Frankincense enhances focus and Rose Geranium uplifts and energizes. Bulgarian Rose Soothing Toner features over 20 exotic botanical oils and extracts, with all-natural preservatives and no artificial fragrance, alcohol, or parabens.

Luu recommends spraying the toner onto the face and neck after cleansing and before applying makeup, once again after applying makeup to help it set, and any time throughout the day to help ease stress. Bulgarian Rose Soothing Toner is available in a 6-ounce retail size (retail $32.00) and in a 2-ounce travel size (retail $12.00).

Founded in Southern California, PurErb™ herbology-based skincare and aromatherapy brand incorporates Meridian facial massage techniques into a transformative experience of beauty and wellness. Created by innovative formulators, experts in herbology, and specialists in Meridian theory, PurErb™ products feature over 100 botanicals as well as jade and celadon massage tools designed to sculpt facial contours, enhance circulation, reduce stress, and improve overall wellness.
Products in the PurErb™ line nurture a variety of skin concerns and include cleansers, toners, facial oils, moisturizers, serums, facial balms, and essential oils, in addition to jade and celadon Meridian facial massage tools. PurErb™ products are available in a variety of retail, professional, and travel sizes, while the Meridian tools are available individually or as part of massage sets. For more information, visit  www.PurErbSkincare.com info@purerbskincare.com, or call (888) 327-8188.


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