HF Models Magazine nominates Mako Ferro with Latino Entrepreneur lifetime Achievement Award

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HF Models Magazine nominated Mako Ferro with its first ‘Latino Entrepreneur Lifetime Achievement Award’ this past May 13th, 2016. He will be presented with this award during a ceremony hosted by HF Models Magazine this coming June.

Mako Ferro is known in the Entertainment Industry for his creative arts in Photography, Videography and Cinematography. This proud Latino who was born & raised in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico found his way straight to ‘Hollywood’. His talent has allowed him to travel around the world and he lived in Hollywood, California for a few years.

The influence of Music has always been one of his true loves. His fame began in the music industry and today he is known as one of the Top video directors & producers in the industry with clients like John Legend, Carrie Underwood and Kelly Roland just to name a few. His game is lethal and he caters to the biggest artists in both English & Spanish markets. This music video evolution was the reason he now calls ‘Miami’ his new home.

The vision & brilliance of Mako Ferro has now been captured by the film industry. He was nominated by the very famous Widescreen Film & Music Video Festival & won the ‘ Best Cinematography’ 2015 & 2016 award. He enjoys being the Art Director in Films and Producer. Success walks very closely with Mako and everything he touches; does turn to Gold.

Mako Ferro is much more than a Celebrity he is a disabled Veteran of the United States. This Hero gave us his best years. He lives with physical pain daily but that does not stop him from being a dedicated father to his three children. This Family man gives his very best in all that life has thrown his way. This is the reason why we are so proud of him. He mentors students that want to be in the world of acting and films. The Hispanic community is filled with joy & pride as we see one of our own doing so many great things and representing Latinos.

We thank you for not giving up during the hard times. You are successful because you worked hard for the things that matter to you. I am so excited about presenting you this award and cannot wait to see your next film in the Big screen.

For more on Mako Ferro http://www.makomediaart.com

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