Viviana Alvarez…Top Latina Fashionista in Miami

Viviana Alvarez, Excecutive Directorof Tonight Miami

Viviana Alvarez, Executive Director of Tonight Miami



Viviana Alvarez, Executive Director of Tonight Miami


Viviana Alvarez, Executive Director of Tonight Miami


High fashion piece


Social media is everything! We get to express ourselves, show-off fashion trends and my favorite sharing ‘Selfies’ with the world. The biggest No-No is wearing something twice and taking a picture in it.

Tonight Miami

Tonight Miami


Gorgeous Accessories


I can relate to this with my life as a working Plus Size Model, Actress, Published Journalist, Latina Blogger and last but not least Publicist to the ‘Stars’. Sure I will wear my favorite fashion pieces more than once but will not snap a picture. This is where Tonight Miami comes to life. It is a boutique that rents today’s hottest fashions at an affordable price. The prices range between $60-$150 for men and women.

This trending boutique is the perfect one-stop for all your needs.  Not only will you find your Dream dress, but the perfect shoes, bling clutch and high designer jewelry.

Just recently Tonight Miami started to cater its high fashion pieces for the Plus Size Woman up to 3x. I walked around this two-story dreamy boutique just gasping Oohs and Aahs. Not only was I welcomed with a warm smile but I got some amazing fashion advice and counseling. I happen to know plenty about Fashion but to the client that does not, this is an added bonus.

I walked around snapping pictures of all the Beauty the store has to offer while I met some gorgeous Senior girls renting their future Prom dresses. The option of renting their prom dress was so affordable some girls were renting the Prom dress, Graduation Ceremony dress and an extra gown for the after party.

Executive Director, Viviana Alvarez is a true Fashionista and loves to see the happiness her brand is bringing to the Miami area. This Latina Entrepreneur has several boutiques, all catering to clients that want the quality but not the high price tag of these designs that range from $300-$1,500 and more.

Many of her clientele are celebrities that range from Models to Novela ( Soap-Opera) stars. Also many film companies and television shows request her services.

Vivi as she asks her friends to call her is always on a busy agenda. She travels back and forth to her native country of Colombia; where she also has another boutique. I am very grateful she made time for me today. We laughed, shared stories on our Families since we both are Mothers of four children and Colombian. She spoiled me with a glass of ice-cold champagne and let me pick some pieces for several red carpet events I have lined-up. Her staff was impressive but it was so sweet that she worked exclusively with me.

Many projects are in the works. She has invited me to a big gala fashion show she is having on May 5th. I return home on the 26th and already I am back in Miami for May 5th.

My biggest news is that I will be shooting a cover wearing her designs and shooting her first time ever plus size campaign for Tonight Miami.

Tonight Miami is located at : 9558 NW 41St, Miami, FL . Telephone: 1-786-461-6278, Hours: 11:00 am-7:00pm. Facebook:Tonight Miami


For all media or interviews with Viviana Alvarez please contact her Publicist, Fabiola Malka at 1-786-285-7783





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