San Juan MODA made Fashion history

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Puerto Rico is known for its beautiful culture, beaches and people. It is ranked in the Top 10 places to vacation at. It has become a haven for Tourists all around the world. But, I see past the famous beaches, hotels and delicious restaurants. I see the ‘Real’ beauty of the Hispanic woman.


Has it ever crossed your mind that in a place where Tourism brings the biggest income, there is not much room to celebrate the Curves of a plus size woman? Latin women are natural beauties, these women walk with Curves that define them around the world. Yet, the Plus Size Community just recently started to evolve and San Juan ‘Moda’ has placed its Fashion Flag in our lovely San Juan. The Puerto Rican full-figured woman has been put to the side and the smaller size 0-2, bikini wearing woman has been placed as the Perfect Goddess. Evolution is a wonderful thing and the plus size community got tired of being ignored and neglected. The plus size clothing industry brings in 7 billion in sales ( close to that it grows daily). We are the majority and in this case we Rule. The Curvy Latina accepts and flaunts her beauty and is proud of her gifts. We support each other and our time is now. It is with great pride that I share some of these gorgeous images taken by Be Plus Magazine the #1 virtual magazine for the Hispanic community. This event of high fashion catering to the plus size community was a huge success and I cannot wait for the next one. A big thanks to the designers that captivate our beauty with their brand. Thank you for being brave and making that big move to dress the larger size woman. Plus size designers are Dreamers, that have become Top leaders in the Fashion industry. I hope you have enjoyed the gorgeous fashion you see in these images. My all time favorite designers of this event were Patricia Rivera and Lizet Miro!! Special thanks to the Editor-In-Chief of Be Plus Magazine, Fornes Mangual Marayadira for this exclusive media coverage. I love her Monica silver dress by that she wore to the event. For more on this amazing Hispanic plus size magazine go to

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