‘MadRos’ the best for Men Fashion in Miami

The city of Miami, Florida is alive with Entertainment and Fashion. The nightlife in the streets of this gorgeous city is 24/7. Many of the world’s most popular clubs are located here. You cannot possibly attend a Hot club with an average outfit. The Fashion industry is Top when it comes to Miami.

Women use to rule the Fashion industry but our stylish man of today has finally caught up. I fell in love with the Fashion style and trends from the men’s boutique ‘MadRos’. It is a store that is busy from the moment it opens to closing time. For those big fans of Reggaeton you can have a sneak peek at your favorite music stars, since they all shop there. The parking lot is famous for having several limousines lined up as the biggest artists in the music industry shop. The CEO, Mr. Rosaro Madrac Di Pierno is an Italian man with excellent taste in Fashion. All of the Fashion pieces found there come from Italy. I had the pleasure of meeting this brilliant man and although he is super busy, he made time for me and my clients. ‘MadRos’ dressed all three of my music artists starting with Jose El Pillo, GADY Flow and Chelin DM. My clients were attending a huge red carpet event with HF Models Magazine and they had to look extra sharp. This boutique gets new merchandise daily and you have to go and get your treasures right away. I am very happy to announce that it will start designing for women. You cannot find these pieces in the mall or other men stores. This is a unique brand; catering to making each and every client that enters through its doors feel ‘Exclusive’. You get the Star treatment immediately . A pair of jeans could cost you about $150.00 but that is a small price to pay for the best jeans in town. A big thank you to Arturo the son of the owner for treating us like Royalty and for this wonderful new friendship. 

For more info located at 4757 SW 8th Street, Miami FL, 33134



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