Attending ‘Prince’ concert sadly crossed off my Bucket-list

I always thought I was going to see ‘Prince’ perform Live. It has been a dream of mine for over 30 years. And when the concept of having a ‘Bucket List’ became popular I placed him on my Top five. Today I sadly cross that off my list. My beautiful ‘Prince’ died today. The world is mourning his death and millions of Fans are in shock, heartbroken and at a loss for words. I felt tears running down my face and the pressure of a knot in my throat. I was enjoying a swim at the pool in the Hotel we are staying at. Raul called me and gently told me. Raul and my children know how much I love ‘Prince’. My reaction was a loud sigh that scared DJ L.O.S, who quickly ran towards me and wanted to know what was wrong. He held me while I cried and between sobs I shared the terrible news. We cried together and people around us heard us talking and they started crying. He passed away at the young age of 57. It got me thinking that his ex-Love the gorgeous ‘Vanity’ also passed away at the same age of 57. She recently died about two months ago and her death hit ‘Prince’ pretty hard. There is a Spanish saying or belief that claims that when two people who have shared a strong Love passes on, the next one dies soon after. Expressing that they cannot live without each other. Their Love was precious and God only knows how Real it was. But I hope she was waiting for him with that pretty smile of hers at the Gates of Heaven. I hope now they can finally reunite and continue that journey they started in the 80’s.





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