Autism Awareness Street Fair April 30th, Jersey City, NJ



This is the Son of Sherry he is an Autistic Adult (child)


1 in 68 children have Autism.

1 in 42 Boys have Autism.

The annual cost of an Autistic child for the average Family is $60,000.

Autism is the fastest-growing Developmental Disorder in the U.S.

There is Cure for Autism.

There is no medical detection.

On Saturday, April 30th there will be an Autism Awareness Street Fair in Jersey City, New Jersey. It is for everyone to come support, enjoy and learn about Autism.

It is being hosted by ‘Smile with Smile Pre-School’ . The CEO of the school is also the parent of an Autistic Adult (child).

There are so many families afflicted by Autism. It is not an easy disorder to deal with. Knowledge is power and as a community we owe it to ourselves to learn as much as we can. It seems we all know someone who is Autistic.

DJ L.O.S. is showing his support by being a part of this event. I love ‘Street Fairs’, but even better is a street fair with a cause. Children are our future and Autism affects them greatly.

if you happen to be in the Jersey a City downtown, area on April 30th, 2016 come and drop by. It would be great to see you.

Curvaciously Yours will also be present showing our support and we are proud to share that we donated two huge outside all weather proof banners!!

For more on Autism go to

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