Puerto Rican Entertainment launch party @Paladium Nightclub


I had the most amazing night in a very long time. I work so much I almost forget how to have fun. This Red carpet event for the launch of Puerto Rican Entertainment hosted at Paladium Nightclub was a very much talked about event.

We arrived in our limo and the crowd outside was intense. The music was popping and we were all so excited. I of course was ready for the evening wearing a very exclusive piece from Manhattan designer, Shegul. Everything had to be perfect for that night.

The minute our limo door opened up the Bodyguards at the door made sure we got in safely. Remember I walked in with two of the hottest Urban music Artists out of Florida, Gady Flow and Chelin DM, Charly Antony and Jose El Pillo. Not to mention our two celebrity DJs, DJ Rumba and DJ LOS. The women were like ninjas flying in, making their way to our artists.

At the Red carpet we were met by photographers and a live Television recording crew. No time was wasted as we, we’re all interviewed.

Once I layed eyes on this huge and beautiful space, I felt right at home. Plenty of white decor and couches. The girls of Paladium were stunning and friendly. They treated me like I was their favorite client although it was our first time meeting.

My favorite part of the evening was the closed off V.I.P. Section. We walked in there like 30 deep between our artists, managers, photographers, models and sponsors.

During this current trip I visited several nightclubs. But my all time favorite was Paladium. The energy, the music and the staff were Top for me.

If you are ever in the Margate, Florida area you must check them out. Did I mention the Seafood Paella I had there??!! It was soooo good! Yes you can also eat there.

I am very grateful to my client Charlie Padilla, CEO of Puerto Rican Entertainment for this great connection.

For more on this Top Exclusive Nightclub you can visit


Paladium Nightclub 1-954-977-7752

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