Who is Chelin DM??


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Many in the Urban Latino music movement know this answer. But there are a few who may wonder. Who is Chelin DM??

Hector Rene Vilchez, better known as ‘ Chelin DM ‘ was born in Carolina, Puerto Rico on January 27th. He discovered music at the age of 12 years old.  This was the start that led him to the Journey of leaving his beautiful Puerto Rico for the fast music life and lane of Miami, Florida.

In the following years he has worked with Urban artists, producers and DJ’s like Cura, Ivan Joy, Baby Rasta, Gringo, Yaga, Makie, Black Joe,  Gady Flow, DJ LOS and Pabanor/Sony BML.

He has performed in several concerts and was part of the music production Majestic Volume 1 & 2.

Today he is the CEO of ‘Desorden Music Inc.’ a company that caters to all Urban genre. He not only writes his own music but he writes for several artists as well.

‘Chelin DM’ has now signed with one of Miami, Florida’s well known music managers Charlie Padilla, CEO of Puerto Rican Entertainment. He is working on his album and will be shooting the video for his Hot #1 single, ‘ Dame De Tu Boca ‘- (Give me of your mouth) . It really is a huge hit.

He performed this hit single at CALLE 8 and the crowd went crazy with love and praise. They screamed and sang along to his song. He has been invited again to return to CALLE 8 and he cannot wait. Next year will be Bigger and Better.

Special thanks to his manager Charlie Padilla for this exclusive interview. We were invited to this tour and it was so much fun. I spend time in the studio listening to the amazing ‘ Chelin DM ‘ and we were with him at Club Paladium.

For more on Chelin DM: His manager at Charlie Padilla 1-954-504-3706

Facebook: Chelin DM

Instagram: Chelin DM

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