Colombian high-fashion print magazine FOCUS


Finally! This past Wednesday, March 9th , I held in my hands my first issue of International high-fashion magazine FOCUS. Yes, I had read it online and fell right for her beauty. But, to hold her in my hands, smell the new print and see her come to Life right before my eyes, was a true gift.

FOCUS magazine was brought to my attention a year ago by world International Colombian journalist William Jimenez Rozo. He happens to be great friends with the CEO, Helmut Troncoso. William happens to also work with this publication.

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This very popular fashion culture magazine can be found in the libraries, school, super-markets, cafe shops, and even in the streets of Colombia by students as they walk and gossip on the Hottest fashion trends.

I have been asked to come on board as the ‘Plus Division Director’ , a huge honor for me. The CEO of FOCUS, Helmut Troncoso, flew out of Colombia and into NYC, just to meet me!

This magazine just started catering to the plus size fashion market and we have big projects in the works. I am very excited to share that I have been featured in the next coming issue.

As I sit here on the plane boarding to Miami, Florida. I can honestly admit to re-reading this issue over four times, all 110 glossy pages of fashion. Besides having edgy ads it has 12 Fashion editorials and top-stellar fashion reviews from Hollywood, California to  Paris. She is published in Spanish but soon will be in English and distributed within the United States. This challenge has been given to me and my mind is racing with ideas.

Meeting the President of FOCUS has changed my life. He is allowing me to share my voice with my Colombian community. We will be working for a month at his Manhattan office. Then he has invited me to the head branch in Colombia. An all expense paid trip set out for this July.

Tonight, I am in Miami and I am dressed to kill and impress. As I head out in the limo sent to pick me up by my client. I wear the jewelry designed just for me, a gift from Helmut himself and the  Editorial staff back in Colombia of FOCUS.

I cannot wait to see FOCUS on all the newsstands in NYC!! A magazine that will celebrate the Beauty of all women without limits on fashion or size restrictions.

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