Salsa sensation Ms. Arlene G., ‘La DIVA de La Salsa’


Returning home from my very successful trip from Miami, Florida. I heard through social media a new song, a short duo by legendary Salsa Star Nino Segarra and new Salsa DIVA, Arlene G. I love Salsa; it is something my parents shared with me from the tender age of 5 years old.

I fell in Love with the song called, ‘Retame’ (Dare Me) I put it on my to do list to get some tickets and see them perform within the next coming weeks.

I am at my home office when I get the call from her manager Mr. Cubillos, asking me If I was interested in being her Publicist. Shock took over me for a few seconds and on that phone conference , I hear a pretty female voice and the voice of my favorite Salsa King, Nino Segarra. I deal with celebrities on a daily bases. But to have on the phone my all time favorite Salsa artist, took my breath away.

Arlene G., has started her music tour along side Nino and in a short time has worked with music legends, like the very talented Frankie Negron to name a few, etc. She travels back and forth from her Miami and New York City homes.

Currently working on her music video .The acting world has taken a very strong interest on her beauty and personality. Several acting projects have emerged for her. Arlene G., is a very talented and humble female artist. These same qualities have made her so famous in such a short time.

As for me and Arlene my salsa singing Star we go on tour soon for a series of photo shoots, special red carpet appearances and her recording sessions. Her voice is that of an old soul, that has been singing Salsa for years. It is captivating and moving. For years the Salsa genre has been missing something.  She is that something. She has created this new spark in the adoring world of Salsa music.

It is a true honor for me to a part of this music phenomenon. My Beautiful Father is smiling from heaven. He was a DJ when I was a child and Salsa was his passion.

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