Autism Awareness Street Fair April 30th, Jersey City, NJ

AUTISM FACTS: 1 in 68 children have Autism. 1 in 42 Boys have Autism. The annual cost of an Autistic child for the average Family is $60,000. Autism is the fastest-growing Developmental Disorder in the U.S. There is Cure for Autism. There is no medical detection. On Saturday, April 30th there will be an Autism […]

Unkind Winter

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I sip coffee and ponder my waistline – first day of spring —- © Steve Mitchell 2016

Estreno Mundial de Nuevo video de Jose El Pillo, ‘BAILALO’

Nuevo video Mundial, ‘Bailalo’  

Puerto Rican Entertainment launch party @Paladium Nightclub

  I had the most amazing night in a very long time. I work so much I almost forget how to have fun. This Red carpet event for the launch of Puerto Rican Entertainment hosted at Paladium Nightclub was a very much talked about event. We arrived in our limo and the crowd outside was […]

Who is Chelin DM??

  Many in the Urban Latino music movement know this answer. But there are a few who may wonder. Who is Chelin DM?? Hector Rene Vilchez, better known as ‘ Chelin DM ‘ was born in Carolina, Puerto Rico on January 27th. He discovered music at the age of 12 years old.  This was the […]