Charly Antony the new ‘Romantic’ voice in the Urban genre


Curvaciously Yours has begun its ‘Miami Tour’ and it kicks off with the new Romantic voice in Urban music , Charly Antony. We were lucky enough to meet this very Handsome & Talented young man in South Beach, Florida.

I was at a club in Downtown, Miami when his song came on. The new Hit single is called, ‘Besame’ (kiss Me). I just needed to know who this was.  I asked the DJ and he provided the artist information. That same night I was on the phone with his Manager, Pablo Pabanor Ortiz.  I had one night left in my Beautiful Miami & I was going to make sure I met the man behind the voice.

Charly Antony agreed to meet up with me and DJ L.O.S. At his studio. He was in the middle of dropping that new single & recording his music video. We got a chance to hear him Live at the studio. I loved it. It felt like an exclusive V.I.P. Concert.

This Cuban music artist began his passion with music at the age of 6.  By the time he was 12 years old he was singing professionally in the streets of Cuba. He knew all he ever wanted was to Sing. When he turned 17 he came to the United States to pursue his dream.  This was very hard on him, because his entire family remained back home. He felt lost and missed his Mother who has always been his biggest support. It was she who helped him write his own music as a child. Charly Antony just focused on his music and working two jobs to make it in the very expensive Miami lifestyle. This 24 year old put in his hard work and the rewards are booming with Success.

He has landed an International Tour which begins in Nicaragua and continues through out South America.

A few words from Charly Antony:  Thank you for spending a day with me at the studio. My story is just like any other music lover.  The struggle is real, I heard a few, “NO’s” before my big YES. I knew what I wanted and did not allow myself to stop until I made it happen. I am very grateful to Pablo, my manager. He has become my best-friend, my Family. He mentors me with his successful career in the music industry. Our bond is very strong and so is his Leadership. I still have to stop and think how my life is changing for the better with each passing minute. Counting all of my blessings and remaining humble is my ticket to Stardom.

CY-Hello Pablo. Thank you for giving us this amazing afternoon with your new Star, Charly Antony. I heard he is your first Urban artist in the Hispanic music market since the very famous ‘El General’. What made you choose him as your talent?


Well Olga to answer your question as to why I lay eyes on Charly’s talent I would have to go back to the beginning of how we met, We both have a very dear friend in common Yenier Sardinas aka Mr Yess also an Artist – Producer who introduced me to Charly together they did a song witch Charly was featured and from that moment Charly and I became great friends as time went by I started to realize more and more of his talents and that is when I decided to concentrate on bringing out more of that talent that he posses I strongly started planning his recordings and the launching of his new single “Besame” though is being a long time that I have not touched the latin market since my Production of El General Muevelo , I focused on Producing a lot of live events and have remixed as a DJ Producer of many Artists in the House Genre but Charly’s talent made me come back to my latin roots as well as other artists that are in the roster of my label.

I strongly support him his ideas it just doesn’t feel that im working with an artist , it doesn’t feel that im managing and producing an artist it feels like a real good friend that we understand each other very well musically and respect each other, he has made a great impact on me as the artist that he is also to My collegues and associates in Central America like Mr Obando from Party & Business, Catalina Andrade Manchola my A&R from Colombia, My Partner Tony Monet at T2000 studios and my friend DJ Beltran & JPFlow from they all have something in common when they speak about Charly and is summon in just one word “Talent”. Im very happy that he is part of the Pabanor Sound Family.


CY- That is an amazing and positive story and we want to wish you both more continued success. I have Officially become a fan and thanks for the gift of his song. I have it on my phone, my tablet and in my heart.

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