More than just a Plus Size Model

Summer in Maryland

Summer in Maryland

Recently I had a fan and now friend who went on a popular Plus Size Magazine social media page and suggested they work with me. It is not the first time this happens these questions come at me all the time. It is not my magazine so I can only respond to my Fans & Followers to reach out to the staff. My fan just wanted to see me in that media outlet.

I responded that the ‘Magazine’ is well aware of who I am in this industry and has made the choice to not celebrate me or support me. I directed the Fan to google me & if she wanted to read on me she could find me in print publications like Marie Claire and Latina to name a few.  The Editor felt some type of way and un-friended me and created drama in a place where it does not belong. In no point in time did I ever speak ill of the magazine or its staff. It is an amazing representation of the Plus Size Woman.

Anyways I wanted to say that I am more than a Plus Size Model. I have worked and help build this industry. Some people may forget, but YOU are where you are because Olga introduced you to the right people. I am very connected in all of the Entertainment world.

I do not need validation from no one. I always do for others not many can brag they did for me. I am a positive person and enjoy helping others.

I will be a part of many media outlets and projects. And I promise my Fans to keep you all updated.

I have earned my Stripes in The Plus Size Industry and if I am liked or not by others in the industry that is not something I care for. I have amazing and dear modeling friends and satisfied clients that is All that truly matters to me. I give respect to all but if you lost my respect or friendship please keep it moving. We all have a family to feed and work too hard to spend quality time on Trash.

And yes I consider myself an Aspiring Latina in all that I do. I have aspired many and will always continue to do so.

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