My Mother’s Day Ointment for INFERTILITY

All the Love & Respect for Spoken word Artist/Poet/PlusModel &Motivational Speaker. This was beautiful thanks for sharing.

Her Breaking Point

INFERTILITY.  There, I said it.  The word itself feels like a bad word sometimes.  Holding its own weight and carrying a list of stories, tears and heartache.  I will not be silenced anymore!


I am the 1 in 8 couples that has been diagnosed with infertility and I will admit it right now, it has been one of the biggest emotional rollercoasters of my life.  I have had my up days and my down days, times where I would be walking through a park and see something as simple as a woman pushing her stroller and I would just burst into tears.  Then I would have days where my hope and faith felt strong and I felt inspired to continue pursuing other dreams and visions while I wait on my blessing.  You see, I know God as a healer.  In 2004 I was diagnosed with a brain tumor that was…

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  1. Thank you Olga much love and respect back my sis!!! ❤

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