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By Jose Pagan, NYC

By Jose Pagan, NYC

By Jose Pagan Photograpy, NYC

By Jose Pagan Photograpy, NYC

As models we grow from our shoots. You can’t ever have too much camera time. Those of us who take modeling seriously invest in ourselves, in this trade. It does not take long to figure out what photographers are top of the line in the Plus industry. Sad to admit many will not work with a plus size model. So this leaves us with a small yet very Elite group of photographers. These shoots can cost a small fortune. Many of us are on a tight budget and these ‘Dreamy’ photo shoots seem nearly impossible.

Ladies do not be afraid to reach out to these photographers with a ‘Plan B’. Share with him/her that you could help around the studio as their assistant in return for some camera time. You can even offer to be their Social Media intern. I even got new lens for a photographer and he did my shoot for free. I saved hundreds on an amazing shoot. I share this with you all to give you options. Where there is a Will there is always a way.

Btw, I have been trying to re-shoot with Jose Pagan for months now but he is forever booked.

I saw an ad for a Free photo session with the one and only Jose Pagan. It was only posted for 24 hours. I found it on a Friday night at 10:30 PM and shoot was for the very next morning. There was no time to hire a stylist, make-up or hair person. I was tired from a long day at the hospital with Mom and just wanted to rest. I laid in bed for about two minutes before I attacked my closet.

Five outfits and two wigs later I was ready. We shot near Times Square right smack in the middle of the street and in the lovely Sanctuary Hotel. It was suppose to be for 30 minute slot but Jose dedicated two hours for me. I am including one look here for this blog the rest you will see featured in a magazine.

Ladies I highly recommend him. For more on Jose you can go to


  1. Hi Olga! I just want to say your photos are banging and you would have never thought you just put it togetehr soooo quickly! I love your energy, passion and drive. You have always been very inspirational/motivational to me and you still are! Keep doing it, thanks for sharing sooo much with us!!

    Soooo anyways I got invited to a party & was told I could bring a friend! My response? “PS: I’m inviting Danie, Zadry, Olga & Curves Become Her but ssshhh it’s a surprise!” Hope to see ya there!

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