Unconditional Love

My First birthday

My First birthday

After her Coma

After her Coma

Mom & Me

Mom & Me

Already a Star

Already a Star

There she is Celebrating me once again. You see I was all my parents ever wanted.  After being married for 24 years of trying to start a family; I finally happened for them. I was their only child.

They weren’t just my parents they were both my best-friends. I can recall the hours of playing games with them it was always so much fun. It wasn’t until years later that I realized how old they really were. The fact that they both worked long hours in a factory never occurred to me. Of course they must have been beat tired but their smile and all the energy they provided me with never let me see that.

Here we are 43 years later and I am the loving parent and proud mother of four amazing individuals. I am also my mother’s guardian. We lost dad fifteen years ago and not a day goes by we don’t miss him or bring him up in our daily conversation.

Mom has been in a nursing home for almost five years. She suffered a brain stroke that left her in a coma for a few weeks and once she came out of it she has never been the same. She has no memory and cannot even eat on her own she has a feeding tube. Due to lack of mobility her body has become contorted and she cannot walk. It has been the hardest journey this family has ever faced. These last five years has taken a toll on her aching and old bones. My beautiful Queen is slowing losing the battle of living.

She will always be my biggest Fan and supporter even before I became ‘Olga Plus Model’ she saw my shine. Today I celebrate her for never giving up on HER dream of becoming a parent. She raised me with love, spoiled me rotten but always insisted I knew the meaning of being humble and hard-working.

Her illness is coming to an end and she is now in Hospice; sadly to admit her hours are being counted. This is a very hard week for me but I know this nightmare is far from over.  It also in my career a huge week with new clients, press releases and photo shoots. I was in my room devastated looking at old family albums getting on a good cry in peace. The kids would be home soon and I did not want them to see me this way.

I was even thinking maybe I cannot take on these new projects, perhaps not the right time. Then I felt her love her presence with me. She would never allow me to admit defeat or even show weakness. This was not how she raised me. So I went for it and got it! The next few days and weeks will be painful and devastating but I have a legacy to continue. Everything I do reflects on my parents so the show must go on and it better be one heck of a show.

Thank you for all your prayers keep them coming they are very needed and so healing.

Curvaciously Yours



  1. I am so sorry for the overwhelming grief you must be feeling today. Your mother is so blessed to have a daughter just like you. I know that the days to come will be difficult and hard for you and your family but your mother no doubt lived a wonderful life. She was blessed enough to have a child and never gave up on you. This is a new chapter in her life and yours. Remember that she will live on through you and your children. My thoughts and prayers are with you. And please do not be ashamed to grieve. Your children should see how deeply this is affecting you. Some day they will reflect on how you handled your mother’s passing. It is important. Much love to you.

    • olgaplusmodel says:

      I wanted to thank you your comment means so much to me. I also wanted to share that I don’t want the kids to see me for them not to worry more is all. Hugs

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