Hate within your own Plus Circle..

Size 26

Size 26

Size 14/16

Size 14/16

Being the Sexy beast that I am

Being the Sexy beast that I am

Something most be in the air.   Could it be the freezing temperatures??   Bringing out the nasty and cold in others.  Maybe!  I am expressing my own two cents on this topic because lately my inbox has been filled with this trend.

First this industry is BIG enough for everyone and with the positive plus size flow from the last ten years it is safe to admit we are here to stay. Fashion and Beauty is about diversity, evolution and change. We all are unique and although we are all plus size models or entertainers we carry our own label.

There is no one quite like you or like me. I never went into this career concerning myself with the beauty or fame of this model or that one. At the end of the day I can only work with my beauty and my talents.

Yes it would be beautiful if everyone would love me, accept me and support me. That isn’t always the case. So here is the answer to all of my curvy modeling pals that are going through this right now:

You are modeling because you want to you made this choice. Most of us that are serious about this career have invested time we don’t have and money to help us grow in this industry. We have been laughed at set aside due to our size and reminded that we just don’t cut it in the fashion world.

But come on now our beauty is there for the world to see ; not accept. We aren’t looking for acceptance anymore that was over 30 years ago. The clients catering to the plus size woman are growing and knocking the doors of ‘Fashion’ wide open for us to walk right in as we flaunt our curves.

Concern yourself with knowledge, be your own cheerleader and flow with the punches. If someone is hating on you when you have done nothing to them it is them who has an issue. Let them deal with that or not. You my lovely plus size sister have goals to achieve, clients to land and are building your signature in the plus size community.

Smile often, carry that notepad around to write down ideas and future projects. And the next time someone hurts you or talks about your work get working on your next shoot. Motivation is a beautiful thing.

As for my haters: You hated on me when I was 350 pounds…you still hating 12 years later at 190. Look at my pictures do I look like I care..? I will continue to shine because its in me to be this way the ugly in you will not affect me.

Stress kills.. Life is too short to waste great energy on negativity. Continue to build your brand as I build mine. Watch me..

Curvaciously Yours,

Olga Gonzalez-Ramos

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