No easy way out for me…

February 2015 by Wil White

February 2015 by Wil White


Selfy @office

Selfy @office

It has been a year & two months since my last blog.  A very rewarding new career change , a beautiful grand daughter & a total weight loss of over 125 pounds will lead to no time for my blogging. Not putting excuses just sharing for all the caring & loyal FANS of Curvaciously Yours.

First I am killing the rumor right here & now of my weight loss, I have heard it all. I been even accused of doing lap band surgery and every other quick fix operation. I love food too much to eat like a parrot for the next six months. I even lost someone very dear to me due to this surgery. I figured all the food porn on my IG would express my food choices. This weight loss did not occur in 12 months it will be almost 3 years. Slow and Steady baby is your best bet.

How have I lost all this weight? Plenty of water, almost two gallons a day. I am a carb lover especially my Spanish rice. I still eat it but not 7 days a week, more like 2/3 times. Yoga has been huge for me it is more than flexing & sweating it is food for my soul. I also love my veggies and salads. I eat all veggies now I opened my hunger to endless healthy yet tasty possibilities.

My little angel Alaina Claire was a premature baby at 4 pounds. We gave her all the love and attention and she is a healthy baby. She has inspired me in ways that words may not be able to express. So I chose actions to show my inspiration. My blog is back in full effect. Looking forward to sharing so much with you all! Please do not think you are losing me from the Curvy World I am a healthy thick woman size 16!

Thank you for all of your support and the emails. It is amazing how so many of you kept in touch!

Big news! I will be the face of a huge event in the Plus industry, stay tuned.

Curvaciously Yours



  1. Fabulous and forgiven mama – greatness requires sacrifice!

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