The only DIET for a BIG girl is a Mental DIET..


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                                              I strongly believe that a healthy state of mind, positive thinking & self-love are strong elements that help maintain us ‘curvy’ girls. I recently lost 120 pounds. I am still very curvy at a size 16/18 oppose to my 28/30 of years ago. I tried the diets, time & time again. I was a chubby child, teenager and then adult. 

My first diet was for my 8th grade dance. I tried two months before the dance to lost 20 pounds it did not work. I then tried for both my Junior & Senior proms still nothing. When I got married I tried, for all the four pregnancies again. Nothing. I guess I wanted it so bad that was all I could think of! As a plus size model I started my career at a size 26 and I am not 5’11 so it was a challenge once again in my life. I would try for a week, then cheat and then get discouraged. 

After the birth of my last child I became a type 2 Diabetic. My doctor suggested I lose weight because that could help me beat this illness. Three years ago I started changing my way of seeing things. I don’t drive so it is cabs here and there. I did my budget and it was a small fortune I was spending on travel. I started walking more to save $240 a month. My wallet got fatter and I started getting smaller. My energy got better and I wasn’t so tired anymore. My eating habits also changed for the better. Being Diabetic makes you tired and puts your body through so much. I wasn’t feeling like a Diabetic. Yes, I lost 120 pounds but not in six months or a year in three years. It is more noticeable now because I do more yoga still walk a lot and its coming off faster. I love being me, a Big girl but I  needed to make some changes to last longer on this earth for my family. The one thing I didn’t do this time. I didn’t try to diet. I did not drive myself crazy with mental abuse of I need to get thin, I am so big, I am more marketable at a size 14, etc.

The success of my healthier lifestyle is my mental diet. No drama, no negative thoughts, no pressure. A happier me became a more thinner me. We can be our own worse enemy. We cannot escape our mind, our inner thoughts or demons. But we can think more clear give ourselves that pep talk daily instead of the negative one.

The holidays are near, we are all doing our Christmas shopping for those we love. How about you? Have you thought of what you are treating yourself to this Holiday? How about you start a mental diet? Become your own cheerleader and accept yourself for who you are and if there are things you don’t like. Work on them. Give yourself a time-line. Get a journal make it the new and improved you and you don’t have to lose weight for this. But it does require you to love yourself above anyone else. Be your best-friend and understand that you deserve to be happy, loved, cherished and successful.

I am always here for you guys and you can always email me at

P.S. that gorgeous dress is a QFD gown, one of a kind and I am the first to have it! Love her clothes!

Curvaciously Yours,

Olga Gonzalez-Ramos



  1. That was DEEP, Olga!!! You were spot on!!!

  2. You did the right thing by changing your lifestyle and the rest followed. Most do not know that if your goal is to be fit and you make the lifestyle changes the weight will come off because losing weight is not the main focus. Regardless you look fabulous and look even more fabulous. Keep doing what you do.

  3. Great article Olga! Losing weight is important. But feeling comfortable with yourself. And feeling confident is more important.

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