Guest Speaker @FIT NYC with Curvy Icon Catherine Schuller..


                                                       CATHERINE SCHULLER

When I first started in this industry 12 years ago I saw her as big as the sky! I still see her the same way now just now she shares that glory with me. I  never imagined becoming her friend, business partner & travel buddy. These are gifts from the ‘Curvy’ God’s above. The last five years with her have been a true adventure one I learn from daily and could never put a price on that privilege.


She got me involved with ‘ DIVABETIC ‘  a diabetes awareness community. I became the ‘Latin’ Ambassador traveling with her and Max to spread Diabetes awareness. A charity very close to my heart.

In a few hours I will step foot in one of my favorite places to visit in NYC. The FIT building the Fashion Institute of Technology. Catherine teaches a class there on fashion the Do’s & Don’ts and I have been asked to be a guest speaker.

Sharing my story with the world is growth and mentoring for many. I am so excited to meet my temp students.

Today I had a huge meeting with my mentor, Catherine. It seems she has invited me to join her on a traveling mission to share my International curves with the world. It is a real big Spokes-model job and my first stop is ‘ South Africa ‘.


More on this later through a ‘ Press Release ‘. I will take lots of pictures of today at my FIT class.

UPDATE: The class was excellent I had the best students. They loved me and we made great contacts.


Curvaciously Yours,

Olga Gonzalez-Ramos


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