Olga supports ‘Confidence is Key ‘ the Skye Lexi movement..


Image courtesy of The PhotoSalon

I love the woman in the mirror she is my best-friend for the last 41 years, she never says, ‘No’ to me and she is strong like a 500 year old tree most of all she is beautiful inside and out..I am grateful for her everyday. That her is simply ME..every choice she has ever made has made me wiser and rich in ways money could never reach. My wish is that YOU can love the woman that looks back at YOU from your mirror.

It is an honor to be a part of this self-love campaign by Ms. Skye Lexi called , ‘ Confidence is KEY ‘. I support all things that are positive to oneself. The curvy community needs projects like this to keep a constant reminder that Big is Beautiful both inside and out. This project has women across the globe sharing their life story, life quotes and most of all their love for their curves with the universe. It is Skye who brought us all together. Thank you! Stay tuned this is only the start..


For more on this project you can go to


Curvaciously Yours,

Olga Gonzalez-Ramos

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