I am BEAUCOO Beautiful..



Never mind the ‘ Candy Crush’ stage, http://www.Beaucoo.com has taken complete control. It is an online dressing room and I live for it and love it. It is an app for your phone and also you can log on the website. Yes, darlings Beaucoo does it all for you. Created more as a support group for women’s fashion of all sizes & shapes it has now turned into a global online dressing room. Women of all ages around the world just take a pic and post of their favorite outfits or what they are wearing right then and there at the office. These images provide clarity when for the most part all we usually see is the outfit on a mannequin or a model that is no where near the size we wear.

So you sign up, log in and start playing dress up and showing off your amazing style and grace. Before you know it your profile will be the hottest thing in town..Here is the lovely Victoria Maclean the Co-Founder with her profile. She wanted an outlet like this for her personal shopping needs and she has created a sisterhood of shopping heaven for women.



I love the app for my phone. I see so many pictures and if you like it you ‘Heart’ it and people can like your images and ask to friend you & follow you. We really needed this and Beaucoo was the one to create this life-changing shopping experience. It feels great to log on and see the dress I been thinking of buying but wasn’t too sure on a Beaucoo member that wears my size and is shaped similar to me. The pressure is off ladies, bring it all on, Proms, dates, weddings the worries are long gone. It is also good for our  ‘fashionista souls ‘. These women are smiling, sharing their sense of style and body types in a positive way and it feels good. It truly is a support group and many retailers should be grateful for this. Especially when most online stores aren’t providing us with good enough examples of how the dress would fit on a ‘ real ‘ body. So ladies, grab your phone download the app, or get on your laptop and sign up to http://www.beaucoo.com 

ANDROID APP – http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com

IPHONE APP – https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/beaucoo-body-positive-style/id566719877?mt=8

Make sure you hast tag #BoPO that is Body Positive..created by Team Beaucoo

Enjoy this video http://vimeo.com/60602276

I am currently working on my Beaucoo page and it is so addicting..

Curvaciously Yours,
Olga Gonzalez-Ramos


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