Urban dancer B Boy Acute..brings his gravity flare to the streets..movies..& music world


Miguel Perez better known as ‘ B Boy Acute ‘ fell in love with dancing at the age of 11 years old. That summer in 1995 with so many street dancing movies it hit him hard and he hit right back. He watched, learned got motivated and created his own moves all the way to the top. He has appeared in countless publications from newspapers to magazines and when he send me his resume. I gasped I was looking at ten sheets with so many tears and hard work..I knew there was no way I can show them all…


B Boy has worked with the best of them from Urban Latin main artist like Don Omar & Daddy Yankee he was involved with that huge hit ‘Chosen few’ and has danced with just about every big name out there. Recently working with ‘Redman’. He is a familiar face when it comes to all & every ‘ Puerto Rican ‘ parade in New Jersey & New York. His fans know he will never miss that parade. His performances have been seen at New Jersey Performing arts center with Quick Step & Rokafella. Also at the Rocksteady anniversary of 98 & Redbull BC. His talents have also reached the Nassau Coliseum tattoo convention and famous reggaeton artist ‘ Fuego’ in the music video ‘ Me gustan todas ‘ found on http://www.mtv.com



Every dancer to me creates a relationship with gravity especially street dancing or Hip Hop dancing. But to watch B Boy Acute do his thing is an art itself. He owns gravity he was born to dance. His eyes get this sparkle and the music starts and you know you will be seeing one of the best dancers ever to walk these streets.  On his down time he spends time with his family & volunteers down at the YMCA teaching children how to dance. He believes dancing will keep you safely on the streets and not in trouble as many of our youth seem to find.


CY- Describe a day in your life..

I work construction during the day I have been doing this for years. It keeps my body in shape for all my dancing events. First thing I give thanks to God for all he has put in my path both good or bad. After work I do my dancing agenda with my clients or hit the YMCA and train our future B Boys & B Girls.

CY- What do you feel when you hear music?

People always ask me that. I guess my facial expression says it all. I go into my own world, not to say I ignore who I am with or where I am at. But it is just me and the beats and I think my body reacts faster than my brain, cause I will be thinking of starting with this move and then my body does another. I don’t really have to think on it, my body takes over and at one point we are one. I am a crowd pleaser and when they start cheering me on it’s a wrap..I own..period.

CY- If you weren’t a dancer what else do you think you would have enjoyed doing?


Hmm, well I am also a ‘ Professional’ Rollerblade skater and we compete all the time and I also am an actor. I am good in many things and I am blessed with this. But truth be told I am a B Boy dancer at heart and that is my true passion.

CY- B Boy Acute is an established ‘ Bachelor’ but still looking for his dream girl..describe the type of woman you are searching for..

Wow, you just had to go there didn’t you..First of all she has to be in the ‘ Entertainment ‘ business or it will not work from the get. I deal with so many female artists and models and the women I dated that aren’t in this business just don’t get it. I can have those girls if I want but I am going home to my girl..still it isn’t enough. But women that are in this business know better it is all about networking, getting that picture with that celebrity and keep it moving. I want a calm girl, who isn’t afraid to just chill with her hair all messy and no make-up around me. I love a plain Jane but when we go out on the red carpet she need to bring it.


Our interview was cut short because he is traveling this evening but stay tuned there will be more B Boy Acute action coming soon.

Curvaciously Yours,

Olga Gonzalez-Ramos



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