Women empowerment @ Urbanworld Film Festival 2013 with Jill Scott & Paula Patton



Once again BET and HBO made it happen and what a night it was. The Urbanworld Film Festival of 2013 was amazing with it being opening night. I enjoyed the movie, ‘ Baggage Claim ‘ another successful movie this year. 

I just love to see women empowerment especially in ‘Hollywood’ we are just taking over, so men move or be moved. Last but not least nothing pleases me more than to see an actress with curves who is beautiful & talented up on the screen. Curvy Power!

I got the chance to meet Jill Scott & Paula Patton for the very first time. These women are gorgeous & made time for their fans. They held conversations with the fans, posed for pictures and that is always special to enjoy. I got my chance to interact more with them at the after party.



I had the best time with my guest for the evening Ms. Nicole Flores one of our ‘New’ faces in the plus size industry. And yes if she looks familiar she is the ‘face’ of curvy magazine ‘Full Blossom’. Nicole is also a proud ‘Latina’ blogger and she is a huge Jill Scott fan. Look forward to more projects with me & Nicole..

The crowd was outstanding in the hundreds the support was appreciated by the entire movie cast. For more information on UrbanWorld Film Festival you can go to http://www.urbanworld.org Images provided by Terrance Jennings and Stephen Knight


I am looking for the rest of the movie screenings this week will keep you all posted.


Curvaciously Yours,

Olga Gonzalez-Ramos

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