I am BEAUCOO Beautiful..

Never mind the ‘ Candy Crush’ stage, http://www.Beaucoo.com has taken complete control. It is an online dressing room and I live for it and love it. It is an app for your phone and also you can log on the website. Yes, darlings Beaucoo does it all for you. Created more as a support group […]

Urban dancer B Boy Acute..brings his gravity flare to the streets..movies..& music world

Miguel Perez better known as ‘ B Boy Acute ‘ fell in love with dancing at the age of 11 years old. That summer in 1995 with so many street dancing movies it hit him hard and he hit right back. He watched, learned got motivated and created his own moves all the way to […]

Women empowerment @ Urbanworld Film Festival 2013 with Jill Scott & Paula Patton

  Once again BET and HBO made it happen and what a night it was. The Urbanworld Film Festival of 2013 was amazing with it being opening night. I enjoyed the movie, ‘ Baggage Claim ‘ another successful movie this year.  I just love to see women empowerment especially in ‘Hollywood’ we are just taking […]

Tamar Braxton’s new album is out & she shares it with her NYC fans..

The beautiful Tamar Braxton shared her new album ‘ Love & War ‘ with her NYC fans. She had a huge turn out at the Best Buy with hundreds of fans. The long line went over two blocks and then some. Her fans got a chance to meet & greet her, take pictures with her […]

The new ME…loving myself to the extreme & then some

I am not sure when it started happening. Could have started when I didn’t have my 9/5 and had more times on my hands. I enjoyed my time alone, going to the park sometimes twice a day. Doing my yoga or my walks. I also just would put the radio blasting and dance for hours. […]