Taking time for me…


I am blessed to say that my career has hit a good speed. The contacts & clients that I landed in the Latino Urban market prepared me for work ; hard work too. I know have contracts to travel and I knew I had to make some changes to my daily agenda.

First I am no longer working a 9/5. I did it all these last 12 years while I still modeled, wrote, blogged etc. It wasn’t a tough choice to make. I had to give all of my undivided attention to my careers after all the time I put in. 

So I took time off to spend with my family, time we all needed. I have worked non-stop for 23 years. I missed so much time with my family and time for myself as well. My mother is still very ill and not getting worse or better, I dedicated so much sweet time to her.

Those that work hard and are dedicated can do it for years, but there comes a time that we need to break. I have enjoyed the best summer ever and I wish I could of done this sooner. I have returned to my modeling, journalism, blogging, acting, mentoring, motivational speaking & now the music world. I am also singing who would have thought, my album is being created in Italy. I cannot wait to travel over there for the first time in my life. 

I had to show those that love me and are in my life daily just how important they are to me and I must confess I have spoiled everyone rotten. Who cares? Life is too short to be taken for granted.

ImageI thank you all for your love & support…means the world to me.


Curvaciously Yours,

Olga Gonzalez-Ramos


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