Coney Island…finally…loved it..

ImageWe only had one more week till the end of summer so I demanded of myself one last time at the beach. It had to be Coney Island for me since I never been there. It was a gorgeous Tuesday super hot and perfect for the beach.

Funny thing I also did a small shoot out there, waiting on my pics so excited. I had so much fun and I wanted to thank the famous & super sweet DJ LOS for coming with me and helping lug all of my stuff for the shoot.




The best food including seafood was @Ruby’s bar & grill. They have the most yummy jumbo fried shrimp! Oh and a heck of a tasty burger and their famous fries.


One of my favorite movies is ‘Warriors’ and when I saw that movie I thought I have to go there one day. It is the last stop on the N train loved it.

Cotton candy and rides ruled and it was such a beautiful time. We were there all day and even saw the movie in the giant screen and sat on the beach with perfect strangers that night. 

There is still construction being done due to the devastation of ‘sandy’ but it was such a great trip. I highly recommend it for the family, a sweet date or a sexy shoot!


Curvaciously Yours,

Olga Gonzalez-Ramos


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