Behind the production team of the new QFD Fall campaign..


I was so excited when my dear friend Qristyl Frazier & hot designer of plus size sexy gowns invited me to her up & coming Fall campaign shoot. I have missed her so much and this shoot was the perfect time to get some time with her. She is a real hard working designer & busy woman.

Plus I was going to see my love Ms. Nikki Gomez she was the photographer for this shoot and our gorgeous Kirby. Last but not least some downtime with my Dominican Queen curvy celebrity Christina Mendez.

It was all hard work but after the shoot we had some great talk, delicious dinner & laughter.


We don’t only have our CURVES in common we are all determined women, living our dreams daily and proud of how we each can give our best walk on the ‘runway’ of life.

The end results a powerhouse of a shoot, my favorite so far. Friends pay close attention to the steps that our adored plus size clothes designer Ms. Qristyl Frazier is taking, she is here to stay! Christina Mendez you are drop dead gorgeous & real with you what you see is what you get. And yes she has the best body in the industry, period.



And I am loving the new dress she gave me, even more special I am the only one in the entire world with that dress, well that is until she makes more and puts it on the market.

Special shout out to Spry Lee that man is just brilliant with his vision as a stylist! Love seeing him do his thing..

Look out for my shoot with Nikki Gomez…been waiting all of my career for this to happen, so blessed to have her in my life.

For more on QFD


Curvaciously Yours,

Olga Gonzalez-Ramos

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