Olga joins the media staff of Latin Billboard Urban artist ‘ Tony Dize ‘

Tony Dize

Tony Dize

Easter came with extra blessings this year. I have been talking to Tony Dize’s office on and off for almost a month. I just got the call that I got his contract. I want to express that I have been his loyal fan since his 2003 album called ‘Bling Bling’. His flow is heavy yet sweet and the famous ‘Daddy Yankee’ himself named him the ‘ Melody of the streets’. A name that has stuck to his talent.

Tony Dize was discovered by Yandel of the dynamic ‘Reggaeton’ duo Winston Y Yandel. His songs right now have reached the Hot Latin songs on ‘Billboard’. He has one song at #1 in Latin Rhythm hits and then the song ‘ El Doctorado’ at #44.

There is so much of Tony Dize that I can share with you all but I am leaving all those goodies for a soon-to-be released
Press release. For now I can say that Tony Dize has just confirmed I will be traveling with him on all tours. We have a tour to Colombia and I am so excited about this. It is the country of my Parents.

I am going to remain his fan, and now I have the opportunity to share and showcase to the world why he is the success that he has become.

Special thanks to the his Staff Director, Ms. Priscilla Ortiz, CEO of La Boricua Entertainment. I am now working with her closely and she is my mentor.

For more on Tony Dize you can go his official website http://www.tonydize.net
For bookings please contact
Priscilla Ortiz (561) 707 0218

Curvaciously Yours,
Olga Gonzalez-Ramos

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