Fireworks & in walks Urban Latina aritist ‘ P LA Cangri ‘ into my world..

Urban artist P LA Cangri

Urban artist P LA Cangri

P LA Cangri the artist was born 18 months ago, yet this Cuban Latina has taken over the Urban music world. Do not get it twisted she has been in the music world since she was a little girl, ‘Tropical’ music as we like to call it. She is here to stay. Most call this music ‘Reggaeton’ and in this genre many & all artist are men. There haven’t been many women showing interest in this.

But why? I for one love this music and most of the fans are women. So why not have female Urban artist as well? P LA Cangri is not just known within in the States. Her following is world-wide, still celebrating the gold record she got in Rosario, Argentina this past August, 2012. She isn’t just a sexy singer with a ‘killer’ smile she is the ‘movement’ What is this movement you may ask? Little girls around the globe take pictures of themselves wearing a fitted hat to the side like ‘Cangri’ wears. These little girls can sing her songs all day long and are being taught that dreams DO come true. This movement demands respect for Latin women and it is a great example.

The Latin woman belongs anywhere her heart desires, she can be a stay at home mom or the next hot Urban music artist.

P LA Cangri walked slowly but steady into my music life. That is what I have decided to call it. We met months ago during the preparations of an awards given in Orlando, Florida. I was the Publicist for this event & she was one of the artist nominated with at least 7 nominations.

She is heading towards Chicago as we speak for a 30 day promotional tour. Interviews, TV appearances, talk radio, photo shoots and performances. Keeping busy is her best kept secret. Guess who will be touring with her?? Me, yours truly. I am heading over the second week of April, compliments of my new client P LA Cangri.

My Mondays are stickly dedicated to her and our meetings. Mondays she picks me up, we head to her favorite ‘Cigar’ shop & we sit at our RESERVED table & discuss our agenda over a drink of Johnny Walker ‘Blue’ her favorite drink & one of her expensive cigars of $100+. Most of us Divas have shoe collections or expensive bags. Our Cangri Diva collects bottles of Johnny Walker Blue & expensive cigars! I respect her Cuban roots.

For more on her music you can visit

Curvaciously Yours,
Olga Gonzalez-Ramos

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