Accept & validate your Self-Worth…

During one of my latest business trips I was placed in the strangest situation ever. I cannot go into details because there are people who I respect that were involved & that I work with. But I will say that saying ‘NO’ means just that..NO! I can discuss my part in this situation. I work […]

Olympus Has Fallen..Movie Review by Jamila Watkins

Last Tuesday night I had the opportunity to catch a sneak peek of the newest blockbuster film, “Olympus Has Fallen” by acclaimed director, Antoine Fuqua.  The event was sponsored by Black celebrity and entertainment website, and was held at the Screening Room, a 70 seat private theater in the luxurious Bryant Park Hotel in […]

JY El ‘Poeta’ the new romantic voice in ‘Reggaeton’..

  Romance- Is the expression of pleasurable feeling from an emotional attraction towards another person associated with LOVE. JY El ‘Poeta’ also known as JY the ‘Poet’ is the new ‘Romantic’ voice of Latino Urban music.This 23 year old from Puerto Rico is letting the romantic side of him speak through his music. He has […]

Fireworks & in walks Urban Latina aritist ‘ P LA Cangri ‘ into my world..

P LA Cangri the artist was born 18 months ago, yet this Cuban Latina has taken over the Urban music world. Do not get it twisted she has been in the music world since she was a little girl, ‘Tropical’ music as we like to call it. She is here to stay. Most call this […]

Dixel & Rey ganadores de Los Golden Mic Latin Music awards!!

  Puerto Rico gano y en grande este Jueves, Marzo 14, 2013 en Orlando, Florida. Mis artistas Dixel Ell Mas Completo y ‘Rey’ SotoMayor ganaron en los Golden Mic Latin Music awards.  Estas ultimas semanas fueron tremendas con el ‘E stress’ pensando si mis muchachos fueran a ganar. Pero gracias a su buen trabajar y […]