Rocky Grate longevity & style defines this NYC Plus Size Model


Images by Madeline Jones


During this past FFFWeek I saw up on the stage a model that I have seen grow within this industry and she is always a step ahead. I want to share her story with you all, but through her words. Here is the lovely Rocky Grate..


I am Rocky Grate I have been in the industry since 1996.  I have
modeled for the whose who in the plus world.  My first show I ever did
was at a hall in Richmond Hill my manager at the time was Tri Ba
Smith... So I walk in and saw a full figured woman dressing all these
slim girls.  I said Tri what am I doing here don't look like i can do
anything here.  So the Designer looked at Tri and looked at me and said
I don't have anything for her but I will find something.  So the
designer wrapped me up in some garb where i looked like I was straight
from Saudi Arabia dot and all. I walked in my first show and I was the
only plus model got a standing ovation.  That Designer was the ever so
fantastic Jewel Shannon.  Known for her swim wear with a carribean flow
for straight sizes.  I love Jewel to this day. Tri made sure I was
prevelant in a lot of Urban shows most times being the only plus model. 
Tri and I seperated she persued other goals.  I became determined to be
a plus model.   I had entered a pagent Full Figured and Fabulous.
although I did not place I gained something much more a sister, friend
and mentor in Gwen Devoe of Devoe Signature Events. To date when I can
get a moment  of her time due to her busy schedule I often consult with
her of all the activities in my personal as well as my professional
life.  From her I took my career to another level.  I met and
befriended so many people some who are still close and very influentual
in my career. Maddy Jones even with her busy schedule she will find
time to be my sister and confidant as well.I have modeled in two multi
state plus size tours, on major networks, online websites, I love all
the designers I modeled for but If I had to name five real quick I have
to say Monif C, Jewel Shannon, Qrystal Frazier, Her Game 2 and Curvato.
Recently I just did Circle of Sisters and FFFWEEK 2012 when I say
coming back to the runway after a little hiatus the feeling was

  I just signed with True Model Management and the sky is the

For more on Rocky you can visit her page at
CY: Dear Rocky so happy for you darling. I wish you more success and longevity in this fashion game. Keep us posted on all of your future projects. Hugs.


Curvaciously Yours,

Olga Gonzalez-Ramos

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