New Latin artist Yamir Gorritz taking over Miami!!!



Yamir is here and now. He is a talented yet very sexy music force to be wrecken with. His love for music has been endless but his fame and journey in the music has just begun. This Puerto Rican rising star brings us good music, the type we are used to and then some.

His hot hit ‘Welcome To Miami’ is off the charts! It is a very catchy merengue style song and you cannot listen to it without the shake of a hip here and a whole lot of that over there.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Yamir during our meeting in Miami. He made time for us ‘Curvy girls’ and we loved the interview.

His new single is ‘Tu Principe’ ( Your prince) it was taped in Thailand and its a beautiful video. It got placed in you tube and 5 hours later it had 108,019 hits in counting. It hasn’t even been 24 hours. His video He will be shooting his next music video in two weeks for his single called, ‘ 1000 Palabras’ ( 1000 words ). That is going to be an amazing video. Guess who will be there getting the exclusive of that? Of course, me with ‘Curvaciously Yours’.

Soon Yamir will run a contest in which he is picking his most supportive fan and using her in his video.I will blog on this contest soon and and how you can enter. Now ladies, there is a reason besides all of his talent and gorgeous smile that I have featured him in this curvy blog.

Yamir sees beauty in every single woman, big or small. He is Latin and loves a beautiful face with some lovely curves on them. He is even going to feature curvy girls in his videos.

So there you have it ladies. Now we all have to support him.

For more on Yamir:

His music:

Thank you Yamir for this interview, your friendship and I cannot wait to see you in March!
Curvaciously Yours,
Olga Gonzalez-Ramos

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