Full, Fit & Fabulous a MUST attend conference!

Inspirations were born

Inspirations were born

Happy Clients...

Happy Clients…

Doing what they do best..motivate

Doing what they do best..motivate

Full, Fit & Fabulous

Full, Fit & Fabulous

Curvaciously Yours was asked to cover this event and we gladly accepted. I have been a big fan of Rochelle Rice for years and enjoy seeing her do what she loves best, sharing her ‘Movement’ theories with her followers. The event catered to a full-house and it was pleasing to see both full-figured women and straight size women in the same room.

Besides the great food and entertainment, there was closure for many of us who attended. We spoke of so many important ‘women’ issues that most of us shy away from or just will not open up about.

We all started as strangers but left as sisters and many new friendships were born. It gave us a chance to express ourselves about our mind & bodies, our fears, and joys we share daily.

Rochelle truly has an amazing personal relationship with each and every one of her clients, giving her very best to each and all, always 110%.

Loved the ‘Pole’ dancing yes you read correctly.I took a lesson from this amazing teacher and I loved it! Enjoyed all that Madeline Jones,successful Editor of Plus Model Magazine shared with the audience. When her desk light goes off and she closes her MAC, she is still Madeline, mother, wife, daughter, sister, hard-working woman with flaws, like ME and YOU. Madeline shared her story and all of the guests just looked with admiration. Even after it was over, the crowd circled her with praise and questions.

Catherine Schuller bought the house down with her sassy fashion sense, personal stories of triumph and her golden personality. Speaking also about her stroke not too long ago.

We inspired each other in that hotel conference and I cannot wait to get that email from Rochelle next year asking me to go!

As for me, it hit home with my Diabetes, made me miss my mother and think about her illness. It also gave me many new ideas for 2013! I also have decided to start joining some walk-a-thons in NYC. Wish me luck.

Curvaciously Yours,
Olga Gonzalez-Ramos

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