8 Days with Hurrican Sandy


Sandy, Sandy, & some more Sandy. That is all we heard a few days before she hit us. The news was right this time around we were going to get hit, hard and New Jersey & New York City just weren’t ready.

I did what everyone else did, prepare. We went food shopping and figured we would be indoors, warm, with POWER and safe.

Day 1

Monday the 29th of October, Sandy came right at us. During a time when the bridges were closing the NY Path Station was closing and all buses being suspended, I was on my way to work. My family was upset especially the kids. My little one hugged me tight and just would not let go.

When it hit us hard, i was at work. All power went out. No communication was possible, cell phone service was out, landlines were down. Hubby was home with the kids and I was stuck at work. I had no idea how I was returning home or when.

I worked at my building in complete darkness during an 18 hour shift.

Day 2

What normally takes me 15 to get to my home took us 3 hours. The streets had no power, trees and all type of huge debris was everywhere. I didn’t care, I just wanted to get home. Kids were good, family and home were safe. Then I found out that during the stormy night thieves were breaking in to the homes on my block. We even kept our dog close to our front entrance to get some more protection.

Day 3


No one has power, you cannot be in the streets past 6:00 PM the Police will ticket you and it just isn’t safe. Innocent people looking around for open stores to double up on supplies were getting mugged. Our food supply was getting short & and we had no more ice. We had $250.00 cash and that was going by fast. There was no way for us to get to an ATM. No banks had power, no ATM’s had power. The stores were losing all the food, it was going bad. No stores were open, not even big chains like ‘Pathmark’ or ‘Shopright’

Today was Halloween so I got dressed up with the kids and gave them snacks. I did the best I could to keep them busy and not afraid.

We finally got our power back!

Day 4

I went to work. Hubby’s job still had no power. Kids had no school. Hospitals were running on half generated power or no power. The streets were pitch black and so many accidents were happening. Now the new issue is ‘No Gas’. We have half a tank and that is it. We need to find some store open to buy food for the kids. Tonight at midnight when I am done with work we are going into a few towns to try to find some gas. We found gas two hours away and I am finally in my bed at 4:00 am.

Day 5

We just got told that we aren’t getting paid. The main office had no power, therefore no checks were made and no deposits were placed in our banks. Thanks the heavens our checks were placed in our accounts. We go food shopping and I spend the best $525.00 ever in grocery shopping. My daughter is so happy we are doing okay now.

Better times.

Day 6

Today both me and hubby work and we had to leave the kids alone. We are working double shifts because there still isn’t any public transportation and our gas is low again so no one can get to our jobs to relieve us of our shift. Now people are breaking into cars stealing gas and the gas lines are longer and the gas stations that are open are lesser.We make it home safe.

Day 7

We both working again we found gas in PA, and filled the car and some gas tank containers we bought. The streets still have no power. The food and water once again is scarce.

Day 8

I left to work. Kids have no school. There is no power in our city, I am blessed we are one of the few homes that have light. So many victims from Sandy. They lost their homes and their lives. It’s a sad time for America. The Ramos family survived this and we are grateful.

Curvaciously Yours,

Olga Gonzalez-Ramos

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