Hurricane Sandy made the news and so did I…The Jersey Journal feature!


Hot off the PRESS! I am very honored to have made the edition of The famous Jersey Journal Newspaper. It is a paper I enjoy reading and have read for over 25 years. Most important I am being celebrated as a positive ‘Role Model’ for the Plus Size Community and our Youth plus or not.

I am done with the bully situation on the plus size community. Especially how it really starts as a kid and it can get so crazy and even dangerous in school for our youth. I am so proud of our government for making new laws that track down these bullies and make them pay for their actions.


The paper featured me on Monday the same day that Hurricane Sandy hit us. I didn’t even know. We lost power and I found out two days later when a neighbor came knocking on my door, smiling and showed me. My family is so proud and this is my (4) newspaper feature and since I am from this town, I love it.

The town of Jersey City, New Jersey supports my goals and my strong message.

We are all different & special and these differences are the same things that make us beautiful and brilliant. We need to allow others to be themselves and by doing this they will allow us to just be, US.

Here is the link to read it online

Special thanks to writer Ron Stein it was a pleasure to be your special star this time around.

Love your work!


Curvaciously Yours,

Olga Gonzalez-Ramos

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