A great year to be 40…


I just don’t get it, the worries, the upset on aging. Given we all know that we are aging minute by minute. This does not mean in any way that we won’t give it a fight. A lot of our aging is based on our healthy mind and how we perceive our beauty. Wrinkles should be embraced and taken care of. I was warned for years to start using ‘Oil of Olay’ which is a brand I love by the way since my early teens.

I know the results using this cream has, excellent results. I just never really used much make-up while growing up. I also knew my father has gorgeous skin and I had inherited that from him.

I proudly want to say I started modeling at the age of 30 with three sons and I started using facial creams this year! Yes, the year that I turned 40! I don’t even have one wrinkle and when I do I will welcome them and treat them with tender loving care.

I think its good for us to be on it with a plan, but we cannot let the fact that we are aging consume us. We lose so much fun and valuable time with this.

As unique creatures that we are our beauty ages like wine,..the older the better it is.

Latina women are know to age beautifully and I won’t let that tradition end with me.

I was so happy when my son gave me a gift from Sephora. This is from Anthony my oldest son who is 19. He heard me on the phone talking to my make-up artist and she was talking about my dark circles under my eyes. They seem like bags from not sleeping but I get them from my mother. My kids also have them. He got me a concealer palette and I am in love with it.

He also made sure that I knew that he only got me that because he heard me talking about how I was thinking of buying it. He hugged me and told me I am more beautiful than ever.

So my lovely curvy friends, we are beautiful and the most important person that has to know this is YOU!

Curvaciously Yours,

Olga Gonzalez-Ramos

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