My Dad fell in love with ME & I fell in Love with Hello Kitty..

My Parents fell in love & got married at the age of 20. They tried for years to start a family and it seem to be almost impossible. They wouldn’t give up and decided to come to the United States to seek help. They heard of fertility doctors that could help them reach the goal of becoming parents.

They left all they knew to come and start fresh in Union City, New Jersey. My parents were very well off in Colombia, they owned properties, several houses and one store.

I was born when they were 42 years old. My father wanted a ‘Boy’ but he claims when he saw me for the first time he just fell ‘In’ love. And I believe him.

One day coming from work he stopped at an old ‘Sanrio’ store on Bergenline Avenue, near our first house. He saw the cutest little cat statue and brought it home to me. I was 4 years old and when I saw that ‘Hello Kitty’ toy, I fell in love. For years on every Friday on payday, my father would take me to that store. We would walk hand-in-hand to the store. He tells me stories about my eyes glowing at the site of that kitty.

Even after I got married and had my first son he would give my hubby money to go and get me the recent ‘Hello Kitty’ item. It was a daddy & me thing.

Today I am sad, I miss him so much. But I look at all of the things he has gotten me in the last 35 years and his love for me is everywhere. I hold on to that love, the sound of his laughter and all he taught me. It gets me through.

I am blessed to have shared my life with such an amazing man, that I called ‘Father’.

I now share this passion with my 7-year-old daughter. Thank you God for allowing me this bond with two of the most beautiful people ever on this earth my father, Carlos Enrique & now my daughter Raquel Celeste.

Curvaciously Yours,

Olga Gonzalez-Ramos

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