Feeling ‘Sexy’ in your own skin, dimples, perfect or non-perfect bodies..


I have always been confident and happy with the ME that I have grown up in, to and about. It has been 40 long years of loving myself no matter what and no matter who. It took me 11 years as a plus size model before I did a ‘Lingerie’ shoot. It is not that I didn’t want to, it was just never presented to me.

It was envigorating and I felt free. Not that I was chained up prior but there was something about shooting lingerie with other beautiful curvy women and supportive at that. We all cheered each other on outfit after outfit. We laughed, shared our stories, exchanged numbers and something amazing was built this past Saturday.

I have a full closet but it seems empty to me now. It lacks MORE lingerie. So yes, I am making my ‘Christmas list’ and adding so many goodies on there.

I strongly believe that every woman, thin, fat, medium size model or not should do a lingerie shoot. Even if it means having your hubby shoot you with his digi cam.

I came home to my family and they all told me I looked great, super happy and relaxed. It is that inner love that got me going.

Dear friends, accept YOU, live and breathe you and when you get tired, re-invent yourself. Because you are worth it.


Cheers to me, you, us and every person that loves themeselves!!

I cannot wait for my next shoot with ‘About Curves’..it was so amazing.

For more on this great Size Accpetance Charity


Curvaciously Yours,

Olga Gonzalez-Ramos


  1. I just read this and got chill bumps, I was so touched! We’re so happy that you had such a great time & we’d love to have you for our next shoot!

    Thank you for being so involved in the LLYC Charity Blogathon! You are truly an inspiration, Olga!

    Curvy Hugs!

    – Kristine from About Curves

    • olgaplusmodel says:

      No, thank you & The rest of The About Curves Crew. It’s an amazing
      brand owned by even more amazing folk. Now let’s work hard & spread The word.

      Love Olga

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