My ‘Lingerie’ shoot with About Curves, Baltimore here I come!


Ready with Make-Up for our ‘All Day’ shoot with ABOUT CURVES

Lingerie shoots had come my way but it was just not the right time, photographer or client. I didn’t want to start my career as a lingerie model, just wanted to be more established if that opportunity ever came my way. I was so excited when About Curves contacted and hired me for their upcoming end of the year shoot. I love that brand most of all I appreciate the fact that they cater to larger plus sizes, 3x up to 6x. I may not wear those sizes anymore but I use to and I appreciate the quality of it.

The Beautiful Tameka plus size model for About Curves & Me

I arrived bright & early I was there at 6:50 AM, although the shoot started at 8:00 sharp. I drove in all the way from Jersey so it was a four-hour and change ride..

Robin (CEO) welcomed me with smiles, hugs and her two adorable dogs, which I fell in love with. They were my companions for the entire day. I had seen her website and knew what to expect but walking in to her store was ‘OMG’. Loved all the lace, satin, and gorgeous bold colors of gowns on the racks. Yes, I said, ‘Racks’. She had over 100 pieces to shoot! I lost my mind for a quick second and forgot I was one of her models, I became just a regular plus size consumer that wanted to purchase every item.

I later met Chad her Customer Service Rep. , Assistant, Best-friend and brilliant business man! The girls came in and then our make-up crew and also our assistants. Robin is such a pro and perfectionist. Every model had a personal assistant that day, mine was Kevin!

It was work, we got paid ($$$$),but we were having so much fun dressing up and taking pictures it feel like a ‘Big’ girl sleep over..All the models were lovely and professional and we all had curves. We all felt sexy and wanted to share our pride, curves and lovely About Curves lingerie to the world.

It was over before I knew it, an 8 hour is true, when you are having fun, time flies.

Robin & the About Curves staff was warm, sweet, interested in making the best shoot for their brand ever. Not many clients care for the models, they care more for the brand. Not Robin, this is one of the major reasons she is sooo, successful. She wants women to feel great in her stuff and she has accomplished this!

Curvaciously Yours,

Olga Gonzalez-Ramos

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