Jersey City Fashion WEEK, Me & my celebrity new friend Natti Natasha…


Jersey City Fashion Week came at me within 48 hours. I got a call from Farrah Deeba creater of the famous England clothesline called ‘Boa-Ba’. She is well known and has received over 22 fashion awards. She couldn’t not make it to New Jersey, so she asked me to represent her brand. I of course was thrilled to help a dear friend out and it was a straight size line. So you know the fact that a ‘big’ girl was rep-pin for that brand made my day.


I had such a great time. It gave me a chance to finally make the right time for my new talented friend, Natti Natasha, Latina singer sensation under the label of the famous ‘Don Omar’ who I happen to just adore. She is beautiful and made time for all of the many fans that noticed her that night. She is here to stay, she has so much raw talent.


Jersey City fashion week was a complete and shut down success. I loved the pieces by Anthony Eastwick of Eastwick America. Last but not least loved the all that ‘Boa-Ba’ had to offer. The models did their thing and at the end of their time, I came out with my daughter Raquel Celeste. She loves the runway.

Looking forward to a huge photo shoot with Natti Natasha she is gorgeous and so talented.

WHAT DID I LEARN FROM THIS EVENT? I learned that people will take a chance on you if you show them something different, professional and marketable. Speaking to Farrah from England she had decided to hire me to be her ‘American’ Liaison. This is a real big client and opportunity for me to expand my life in the ‘Fashion World’. Hard work does pay off, do not ever give up!

Thanks to Harrison Cruz CEO of Yo Soy Urbano Magazine that was there as my media. DJ L.O.S was a guest DJ Host & also ‘Pretty Ricky’. My number #1 Photographer Aderon Mothersill & my bodyguard, Shadow.

Last but not least El Orfanato music label owned by Don Omar for supporting me by having Natti attend.

Curvaciously Yours,

Olga Gonzalez-Ramos

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