My Big crush on ‘Pretty Ricky’, Model, Actor, Singer, Designer, Dancer, & Dream Guy!


Our first Night..already BFF’s

I met him for the first time last month at a Butch Diva & Omar Alexandor fashion show/party. But it wasn’t the first time I had seen him. There were several times I was at a show or a party and he was there. He is always with hot women & men all over him. He is the leader by far and I guess the rest are his groupies. Our paths had not crossed yet.

That night on the ‘Rooftop’ of the Thompson Hotel we connected. He once again walked in with a hot tall blond (Nicole Sanders) & a group of other hot models like 6, I believe. If that wasn’t enough the minute he arrived all the girls went to him. It was Hellos, kisses, hugs, & flash, flash, flash. All of the media went nuts and could not get enough of Pretty Ricky.

I went up to him and took pics with him. He was super sweet and then I was off. The music was crazy good and before I knew it here comes Pretty Ricky dancing his way over to me. We danced and talked the night away. We exchanged numbers &  cell phone pics. That night we found out just how many things we had in common. We are both Latinos, both Colombian/Italian, close to our mothers, love the fashion world, enjoy the same music, have the same zodiac sign, ‘Taurus’ our birthdays are only a few days apart.

Two weeks go by and a dear friend of mine from England needs me to rep her brand and I have 48 hours till Jersey City Fashion Week. I was told we needed, a red carpet person, more media & a Celebrity MC Host. I thought of Pretty Ricky and he was there to help.



Pretty Ricky has graced magazines, has been in movies & music videos, the Runway, etc.

We are both working on a music video and an anti-bully campaign!

For more on Pretty Ricky go to

Curvaciously Yours,

Olga Gonzalez-Ramos

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