Being MY biggest FAN…

Model Mission Collective

Model Mission Collective

I love this picture of me..the inner Diva in me just needs to start the celebration. I am so happy I shot with Model Mission Collective and this is one of the images. I got so many good ones and different looks. I highly recommend them for your ‘Diva’ needs.

But I wanted to get back to Self-love and all of its glory. We as women need to embrace our inner beauty and let it come out and connect with our outer beauty.

This picture is for every FAT girl who thought that all she is good for is to stand by the sidelines and just watch all the ‘Skinny’ ones live life to the fullest. Oh no, we aren’t standing around anymore.

We are walking tall and proud and ruling the ‘Catwalk’. We are now on T.V. shows, magazines, runways around the world, and movies. Our time to shine is here and now so join me.

Become YOUR biggest fan, and take your mind to a whole new level of respect and dedication for you, the plus size Diva.

Curvaciously Yours,
Olga Gonzalez-Ramos

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