Plus Model Magazine & MYNT 1792 Bloggers Conference in NYC!

The lovely staff at PMM & MYNT 1792..

I was attempting to take a well needed nap when I get my phone sounding off to an email notification. It was the invite to Plus Model Magazine & MYNT 1792 Bloggers conference. I was soooo, excited it was my first time attending! I love the blogger events because it gives us a chance to catch up with the fashion trends, from all the bloggers that are near and far.

I fell head over heals with the jackets and the brand called ‘MYNT 1792’ . They did their homework and must have asked us ‘Big’ girls what we were lacking and were searching for because every outfit on that runway was all ‘Olga’. I lost my mind and I am getting several pieces, oh yes. 

They had these hot pants with a strip going down the legs from the waist to the ankle, and that stripe fit to those curves. They were popping in all the right places, simply genius. I took some time to talk to the CEO (as you can see us from the picture above on the right side). He is here to stay, his company has been around for years and they know what it takes to have their costumers happy.

Curvy Beauties with MYNT 1792

I wanted to wear some color for myself. There is that myth that ‘BIG’ girls should stay AWAY from prints and bold colors. Well I love black just like the next girl but I needed some color spice in my life. I went to DOTS one of my fav places to shop for great designs on a bargain wallet. My rainbow fitted dress was a huge success. I had everyone asking to take my pic and where I had gotten it. Great thing was I got it on the bargain rack, for $5! Yes, I did honey, no shame in my game. And it was the best five bucks spend. I even have lend it out to three curvy pals for them to use, lol. I am channeling the sisterhood of the traveling colorful DOT dress. Oh man I hear a movie script for this dress, lol.

Me and Adrian and my famous dress…

Maddy/Editor of Plus Model Magazine was the MC that night and it was great to see her having so much fun and just giving life to those amazing outfits. I highly recommend this bloggers conference, please do what you must but make sure your BLOG gets that special invite. An event like that doesn’t happen daily.

I made a new best blogger buddy, the blogger with the most ‘The Curvy Movement’ we got mad plans..and projects.


Curvaciously Yours,

Olga Gonzalez-Ramos


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